Quality of Life 

Investing and doing business in Jordan is simple and straightforward. But we know that life is more than simply work. Jordan offers a diverse, tolerant, and family friendly environment with all the conveniences of the 21st century.

Enjoy a climate and protected environment:

Blessed with a temperate climate Jordan is made for comfort. Those who love the great outdoors will enjoy our clear skies and low humidity. We are also working to protect sea, land and air environments to retain our country’s beauty. Jordan is party to more than ten international agreements on the environment.

Leisure and Culture, from the ancient to the modern:

The number of tourists to Jordan has continued to rise steadily over the past few years to enjoy the country’s many cultural and recreational sites. We offer a host of attractions for the body, mind, and soul, including the 2,800-year-old World Heritage site of Petra, in addition to the deserts, natural reserves, spas on the Dead Sea, and Aqaba's water sports.