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Jordan is a small-sized country that has emerged as the "business capital of the Levant". The free market economy of Jordan has grown 7% annually since 1999.

Due to the implementation of liberal economic policies, Jordan has become one of the most competitive Middle Eastern economies. Jordan boasts a modern and developed banking system and is attracting significant foreign investment. Long-term sovereign credit ratings are positive and stable.

Along with financial-sector policies that are intended to enhance competition and efficiency, banking supervision and regulation generally conform to international standards.

Over the past year, the government has worked to consolidate the country’s fiscal situation and macroeconomic environment, put under pressure also by the large influx of Syrian refugees.

According to the Heritage Foundation (; Jordan is ranked 5th in the region and considered the most favorable in terms of economic risk and has less of a security risk than other regional competitors.


Investment Freedom Index 2018
Jordan 70.0
Saudi Arabia40.0

Source: Heritage Foundation


Financial Freedom Index2018
Turkey 60.0
Saudi Arabia50.0

Source: Heritage Foundation


Monetary Freedom Index2018
Jordan 88.7
Saudi Arabia73.8

Source: Heritage Foundation


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