JIC says: Investment only way to deal with challenges

Amman, Dec. 30 (Petra) - Chairman of the Jordan Investment Commission (JIC), Khaled Wazani, Monday, affirmed that there is a political will and royal directives in support of luring in and stimulating domestic and foreign investments.

"Investment is the only way to deal with challenges and achieve development, so we seek in the Investment Commission in partnership with all parties in the public and private sectors to provide an attractive and competitive investment environment by maintaining security and safety, legislative stability, transparency, integrity, the rule of law and competition for the cost of production elements, in addition to providing incentives and exemptions to investors," Wazzani said during a symposium entitled: "Economy in Jordan and Encouraging Investment" in Al-Isra University.

He emphasized that the national economy is open regionally and internationally due to Jordan's strategic location and because the Kingdom is a signatory to various free trade agreements.

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